William James Foundation Case Study

The William James Foundation (WJF) partnered with Launcht to incorporate crowdfunding into their yearly business plan competition. WJF sought to give their entrants a creative tool to connect with their networks and drive interest to their initiatives. To incorporate the crowdfunding component into the larger competition WJF granted the top three fundraisers from the crowfunding round an automatic pass into the second round of the competition.

By the Numbers: 

  • Competition Duration = 55 daysStatistics from the William James Foundation Competition
  • Number of competitors = 37
  • Number funders = 341
  • Average contribution = $61.89
  • Average time spent on a participants fundraising page = 3:40
  • Number of participants fundraising page views = 7,889

The Top finisher drove a total of 778 people to his fundraising page raising $4,275 from 58 individual funders. On average page visitors spend 3:38 engaging, learning and interacting with the entrant’s initiative, which is an exceptional level of engagement.

While WJF’s crowdfunding platform is no longer live it can be viewed in our archive.

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