White Label Crowdfunding Platforms for Nonprofit & NGOs

Launcht partners with nonprofits who are seeking to connect with their donor base in new and creative ways. Effective initiative-based social fundraising leverages emotional and moral between your donors and the projects that are being funded. With cause-based crowdfunding, nonprofit organizations can connect donors with the initiatives that mean the most to them.

Featured Nonprofit Crowdfunding Case Study: Unreasonable Institute

The Unreasonable Institute, a non-profit based in Boulder, CO, joined with Launcht to allow their summer institute fellows to crowdfund tuition and travel costs. The result? In Screen Shot 2013-01-30 at 2.49.58 PM30 days, 30 entrepreneurs crowdfunded over $160,000 cumulatively, not only giving them the financial resources they needed to attend the Unreasonable Institute this summer, but also helping prove their business and marketing acumen. Almost all of the projects reached their goals, which ranged between $10,000-$16,000.

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