White Label Crowdfunding Platforms for Incubators

Launcht offers your program a customizable white-labeled crowdfunding platform that your entrepreneurs can use to raise friends and family funding.

Incubator programs can use our platforms to help screen applicants or empower their members. As a screening mechanism, the crowdfunding process gives you visibility into how driven your applicants are and allows you to quantitatively measure their marketing and personal fundraising abilities. As an empowerment tool, crowdfunding allows your entrepreneurs to capitalize on the buzz their business generates by being part of your program. All of these tools provide value to your members and differentiate you from your competitors.

Launcht also offers crowdvoting platforms that enable your members to describe plans, proposals, or ideas and have the crowd vote on these ideas. These crowdvoting platforms empower you and your members to conduct market research, enhance competitions, and ignite idea generation.


Incubator & Accelerator Case Studies


Examples of how our tools can be utilized

  • Incubators looking to measure the entrepreneurial mettle of their applicants use our crowdfunding or crowdvoting platform in their application process. The applicants with the most funds raised or votes received in a time frame are advanced.
  • Incubators looking to facilitate very early stage capital formation amongst their members use our crowdfunding platforms as a branded mechanism for facilitating these transactions.
  • Incubators deciding to award final investment or grant funding use our platforms to help select the recipients, determine an entrepreneur’s public funding amount to match, or facilitate the entire competition.

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