White Label Crowdfunding Software for Conferences, Incubators and Business Plan Competitions

Launcht technology is a logical fit for organizations that want to turn voting, fundraising and ideation into a social experience. Conferences can engage with attendees and help them raise registration funds, incubators can use the crowd as test marketing, and business plan competitions can give their participants a chance to show off their digital marketing skills. With Launcht technology, you can bring the power of the crowd to bear on your organizations goals without the high cost of custom development.

Featured Business Plan Competition/Conference Case Study: Ultralight Startups
As a lead up to this year’s ARPA-E conference, Future Energy partnered with Ultralight Startups to give new ideas in the enrgy space the chance to compete for a spot in the Screen shot 2013-02-15 at 1.16.27 PMFuture Energy Pitch Compeitution on February 25, 2013. Eight groups pitched at the event, and two of the spots will be held by the groups that received the most votes on the crowdvoting platform that Future Energy and Ultralight created with Launcht.

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