Standard Crowdfunding System

Whether you are a startup portal with a bright idea or an organization looking to
engage with your audience, Launcht has a white label solution to meet your needs.


Admin Campaign Leaders Funders
  • User friendly admin control panel
  • Multiple hosting possibilities:
  • Choose percentage of funds raised to retain
  • Google Analytics tracking
  •  Multiple templates and branding options
  • Social media integration
  • Custom survey questions at checkout
  • Manage campaign from user friendly project dashboard
  • Embeddable campaign widgets
  • Social media sharing dashboard
  • Mini-blog for updates
  • Multiple photo and video fields
  • Perk/rewards-based crowdfunding model
  • Secure transactions through
  • In-depth profiles for review
  • Social media sharing and commenting features
  • Multiple filtering and search features
  • Preset funding levels, or choose your own


At Launcht, we know what it means to be an entrepreneur. Our white label solution saves you time and money when it matters most. What’s more, we bring you the insight from 70+ successful platform launches. We’re not just a provider, we’re a partner.

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For full specifications please see our system features page.

“We reviewed over 40 crowdsourcing, crowdfunding and community platforms before arriving at the decision to use Launcht. We found Launcht was the best match for our unique feature requirement, their staff had the most expertise running the type of competition we had in mind, and they came with excellent references.”

-Ultra Light Startups

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