Release Notes for June 24th Release

Critical Update – Reminder

We are continuing to add new features to the Responsive Sharp template, currently in beta and available to all, and remember that by July 17th, we will migrate all clients using the unresponsive Sharp Template to the Responsive Sharp Template. The Responsive Sharp Template is a fully mobile optimized version of the Sharp Template that reorganizes itself to work well on any size screen.

Featured Home Page for Responsive Sharp Template

We have released a Featured Project Home Page that is now available for anyone using the Responsive Sharp Template. The template comes with a sliding banner/slideshow feature across the top of the page that allows you to set pictures and captions from your media library to be displayed in the banner. You can also contact Launcht to get advanced full HTML level control to embed videos, pictures, buttons, links, and text into each slide. This new featured home page allows you to display up to three featured campaigns at any one time and up to three “sub featured” campaigns at any one time. You can make as many campaigns as you want featured or sub-featured, but only three will display (picked randomly each time the page loads.)

To enable this Featured Home Page, go to the Appearance tab > choose the “Responsive Sharp (beta)” template > check the box for Featured Home Page.

Complete Custom Footers

We have created a framework to allow clients to supply a completely custom footer file to be used on their site or have us design one for them. Contact Launcht if you want to enable this feature.