Release Notes for June 17th Release

Critical Update: Responsive Sharp Template (beta)

We have made the Sharp Template responsive to fit any width device or screen. This large update also includes a number of new features. It will be released in beta mode currently, as we have tested it and like it, but are still improving it. The reason this update is critical is because we will be phasing out the older unresponsive Sharp Template over the next 30 days and all clients using the old Sharp Template will be automatically switched the the responsive sharp template in 30 days. No new features will be released into the older Sharp Template after June 17th, 2013. You can opt into the Responsive Sharp template, by going to Platform Settings > Appearance > Template > Responsive Sharp (beta). Here are the features included in this roll out:

1. Responsive Design: This new template is now responsive to fit screens of any size – your platform will now appear in an optimized view on any screen, making it look ideal on smart phones, tablets, computer monitors, etc.

2. Crowdvoting is available: The Responsive Sharp Template can now accommodate both funding and voting functionality. If you are interested in adding Voting functionality to your platform, contact Launcht.

3. Campaign Video/Image Scrolling: The Sharp Template will now show both photos and videos on the campaign front end in the visual media section at the top. The video (if included) will appear first and will then scroll through all photos, pausing if the mouse is hovered over an image. There are also now directional arrows to advance and reverse the slideshow of images after the first video.

 Menus and Pages Updates 

1. Unlimited Custom Pages: Now you have the freedom to add and edit as many custom content pages as you need (the old limit was 5). To to take advantage of this functionality go to:

    • Edit Content > Add/Edit Custom Pages
    • To add a page, choose the “Add Page” button.

These pages can still either be linked to an external url or built internally in the

    • Edit Content > Page Content section

2. Editing Custom Pages:

We moved the function to edit custom pages from:

    • Platform Settings > Menus and Pages
    • To: Edit Content > Add/Edit Custom Pages

To edit a page location, click the “Edit Page” button next to the page in question. Then you can choose page location, page name, page title, and the custom page url within the platform.

3. Additional Menu Space in Classic and Sharp Templates:

We have added a third “menu” for you to populate with pages should you need more space for custom pages. Here are how the custom page menus are organized in both of our available templates.

If there are no pages attached to a Menu, the menu will not appear in the header or footer.

In the Classic Template:

    • Menu 1 is the Info menu (same as before, though you can rename it now)
    • Menu 2 is the Get started menu (same as before, though you can rename it now)
    • Menu 3 is a new menu of links on the left side of the footer

 In the new Responsive Sharp (beta) Template:

    • Menu 1 creates a dropdown menu in the header
    • Menu 2 creates a dropdown menu in the header to the right or Menu 1
    • Menu 3 is the menu of links on the left side of the footer

In the old Sharp Template:

    • Menu 1 is the first header menu
    • Menu 2 does not appear in this template
      • Don’t use Menu 2 if you are in the unresponsive Sharp template
      • Don’t use Menu 2 if you are in the unresponsive Sharp template
    • Menu 3 is the menu of links on the left side of the footer

All the custom pages you had before still show where they did before, but have been updated on the back end to fit in this new menu structure.

4. Dynamic Text for Menus:

You now have the ability to name all menus so that they suit the needs of your platform. There are character limits for the terms, due to width limitations imposed by the responsive design framework that accommodates mobile device screen widths. In order to do rename the menus, go to:

    • Platform Settings > Menus and Pages.

Other New Functionality

1. Improved Photo Cropping Tool: It looks the same, but the photo cropping tool has been significantly improved so that your photos always look their best. On upload, images will now be scaled to 720 pixels wide for better cropping.

2. “Sections” is now dynamic text: To change “Sections”:

    • Platform Settings > Menus and Pages > Platform Terms

3. Tipping point at campaign level: Currently, tipping point is determined platform-wide; with this update, there is now the option to allow campaigns to determine their own tipping point based on their need. To enable this feature, contact Launcht.

4. Team Priority: Team Members now have a Priority field. By default, Team members are listed in order of entry.  Set numeric values to override the display.

5. Voting confirmation ends: (For voting platforms) Votes can now only be confirmed within 24 hours after the end of the campaign.