Release Notes for July 26 Release

Menus and Pages 

  • We’ve restructured our Edit Content Menu to make it more intuitive: Edit Content> Page Content is now dedicated to content areas, Terms of Use, and Privacy Policy. All custom content pages now live under Edit Content > Add/ Edit Custom Pages. If you had page content under Edit Content > Page Content (formerly Standard Pages), it has been seamlessly migrated over and you will now find it in the Add/ Edit Custom Pages section.

  • Access your Terms of Use and Privacy Policy: You can now edit these without going through the Launcht team. You will find these under Edit Content > Page Content in your Admin

  • Menus and Pages Renamed: The Menus and Pages section of Platform Settings has been renamed Menus and Titles

  • Platform Settings Sub-Menu Renamed: To avoid confusion, the Platform Settings section of the Platform Settings drop down has been renamed General Settings

  • Download Menu Renamed: The Download drop down in the admin has the same content, but it is now called Reports


  • Admin Ease of Use: Platform Settings is now a drop down menu for improved Admin navigation

  • Profile Sections Moved: Profile Sections, which used to sit under Menus and Pages (now Menus and Titles), will now sit under the Appearance section of Platform Settings


  • Sections Available Post-Launch: If you want to use Sections, we have now made them accessible after you launch, so you can add Curated Partner Pages whenever it is most convenient for you

  • Sections Available in Sharp Beta: Sections are now available on the Sharp (Beta) Template. To access them, click Sections > Manage Sections and begin adding your curated partner pages

New Functionality

  • Option to change your password: We have created a space where you can change your admin password. Once you enter your admin panel, you will see a link that says “Change Password,” which will pull out beneath the Help Center button

  • “Vote” is now a dynamic term site-wide: Should you want to repurpose the Vote button, you now have the power to change the term so it better suits your purposes

  • Success-Dependant Fee Structure Option: In an All-Or-Nothing Crowdfunding model, you can now choose to charge one percentage fee on campaigns that have crossed the Tipping Point you set, but have not raised their entire goal amount, and you can charge a different percentage fee on those that do reach their goal. Commonly, the use of this feature is to add an incentive by charging a lower fee on campaigns that reach their goal, though the choice is yours.

Campaign Dashboard Usability

  • End of Email Verification: In order to make the campaign creation process as streamlined as possible, we no longer require that campaigns verify their email before submitting their campaign

  • Updates tab now includes a WYSIWYG: this allows campaigns to format their updates and include photos and links

  • Terms of Use Streamlined: Terms of Use are now a link when campaigns sign up to save scroll time

  • reCaptcha Removed: we heard it was causing problems for some of our clients, so we have removed it to improve the campaign sign up user experience

  • Clarifying Text for Submitted Campaigns: We have added text to make it clear that campaigns cannot edit their platforms while they are pending review. This has caused confusion for some campaigns in the past. Now, when campaigns submit for Admin approval, they will see “Submitted, <<Campaign Name>> currently cannot be edited, pending review” in their status

  • Character count now available for short description: Campaigns must submit a 140 character description for their funding tile. They will now have a character count as they fill this out.

  • More Navigation Options for Campaigns: At the end of any of the four steps in the sign up process, campaigns can now Complete and Continue, Complete and Return to Main Screen, Save Draft, or Cancel Edit

  • Step 3 (Edit Media) will now be in a more intuitive order: Uploading a video clip will come first, and the step will conclude with campaigns writing their custom email message

  • Improved Static Category Filters: We have updated the code on our static category filters (Most Popular, Recent, etc.), and they now do what you would expect them to.

  • Improved navigation from Featured Projects Home Page to All Campaigns: The navigation button from the Featured Projects Home Page to the full list view of all projects will now be increased in size to make it more obvious

  • New standard page to describe your fee structure to campaign admins: A new standard page will dynamically display the correct fee language where applicable in the admin and campaign dashboards, unless you have opted to hide this from your campaign owners.

Front End

  • Improved video container on the campaign page: Video is now in a slider with photos on the campaign page and all will display in a uniform 4:3 ratio. The slider will pause when the video is playing.

  • Section Names now in a drop down menu: We have moved Sections to a drop down menu in the right column for easier navigation