Release Notes for August 7 Release

It’s been two weeks since our last release, so we figured it was time to roll out some cool new features and improvements for you. We’re following up with another big upgrade today. Big news: users can now add multiple campaigns per user account! We’ve also continued to make the admin interface and campaign creation process as streamlined and simple as possible.

New Functionality

  • Campaign Managers can now create multiple campaigns: When enabled, this feature allows campaign managers to create and manage multiple campaigns from their campaign dashboard. When this feature is enabled, a new dropdown menu appears in the campaign dashboard navigation bar next to the Home tab. It allows managers to see a list of the campaigns they are running and create new campaigns. Contact your Launcht representative to enable this feature on your platform.
  • Download Campaign-Specific Transactions from Admin: All published and archived campaigns will now have a button in the campaign administration section that downloads a .csv file of all transactions for that specific campaign
  • Enable/Disable Perks: you can now choose to have a strictly donations platform or a perks and donations platform. By default all platforms have Perks enabled. To disable perks, go to Platform Settings > Funding Options > Uncheck the box for “Enable Perks”.
  • Cleaner campaign names for Pending Campaigns: If the campaign manager doesn’t save the campaign name, the system will automatically name it by its campaign id for a cleaner-looking campaign administration area. The system used to use the long URL for the campaign in place of the missing name: not cool.

Cleaner Admin Interface

  • We have cleaned up the admin interface: We have moved a number of less-used options out of the admin control panel. These features remain available but are hidden from your admin to make navigation easier. If you don’t see a feature that you need to modify, please let us know and we will modify or enable it for you.
  • Campaign Duration Settings Moved: Campaign Duration Settings, which used to sit under General Settings, will now sit under the Funding (or Voting) section of Platform Settings

Streamlined Campaign Registration

  • More direct signup: Click the Create Campaign button now brings the user straight to the registration (/join) page. There is no more /getstartednow page. The content you had on the Get Started Now page is still controlled in the Edit Content > “Get Started” option and appears above the Account Registration header on the registration page. None of your content is lost, we just moved it.
  • No more email address verification or annoying popup after registration: When users click the “Register” button on the /join page, they are now brought directly to Step 1 of the campaign creation process and do not need to validate their email address or read the popup that the system used to show telling them to validate their email address. The pop-up box is gone.
  • reCaptcha removed from registration page: Campaigns no longer have to decipher strange text to get set up.
  • All Funds to Host no longer requires a birthday: If you run a platform that directs all funds to your organization, campaigns will no longer need to fill in their birthday as part of their registration.
  • Required fields now marked with red asterisk: Previously, written instructions informed campaign admins which fields were required on the registration page; now all required fields are denoted with a red asterisk for a cleaner interface.

Campaign Dashboard Improvements

  • Video field will now check for proper embed formatting: When campaigns add a video clip in Step 3, the field will detect for an iframe tab and fail if one has not been properly entered
  • Save Draft now an option for campaigns: Campaigns that want to edit a profile creation step without completing it now have the opportunity to “Save Draft” and come back later; the system will recognize that it is not complete and will not ask them to finish the page.
  • Campaign Summary tile will only appear once campaign is live: The summary tile showing funds rasied, days left, and progress to goal populates with data from live campaigns and will now appear to the right of the campaign dashboard once campaigns are live, not before.
  • Improved Updates WYSIWYG editor: WYSIWYG editor for the campaign’s “mini-blog” Updates feature now has more customization features to allow for more elaborate updates.
  • Improved Password reset page: The password reset page now contains dashboard nav bar for easier navigation.
  • Pending campaigns can now submit campaign for approval from Step 4: Previously, campaigns had to return to their Home screen to submit their campaign for approval; they can now do it as soon as they complete Step 4 (Add Photo).
  • Approval email now includes link back to campaign admin: When campaigns receive the email letting them know their campaign has been approved, the email will now include a link back to the login screen for their admin so they can immediately login and publish

Design Enhancements

  • Shaded short description box on sharp template campaign page replaced: The short description above the campaign page will now be framed by horizontal neat lines, instead of the previous shaded box.