Pro Education Crowdfunding System

Our Pro System is designed to help institutions reach the audience they know best. Build a platform that goes beyond fundraising. Fill out the form below to start creating your own crowdfunding platform.

Admin Campaign Leaders Funders
  • User friendly admin control panel
  • Multiple hosting possibilities:
  • Choose percentage of funds raised to retain
  • Google Analytics tracking
  • Multiple templates and branding options
  • Social media integration
  • Custom survey questions at checkout
  • Pro feature: Live phone support
  • Pro feature: Option for multiple commission rates contingent on campaign success
  • Pro feature: Competition setting option
  • Pro feature: Admin can create campaigns
  • Pro feature: All funds to host
  • Pro feature: Partnership pages
  • Pro feature: Optional customization
  • Manage campaign from user friendly project dashboard
  • Embeddable campaign widgets
  • Social media sharing dashboard
  • Mini-blog for updates
  • Multiple photo and video fields
  • Perk/rewards-based crowdfunding model
  • Pro feature: Campaign decides duration
  • Pro feature: Campaign decides All or Nothing or Keep What You Raise
  • Pro feature: Campaign decides tipping point
  • Secure transactions through
  • In-depth profiles for review
  • Social media sharing and commenting features
  • Multiple filtering and search features
  • Preset funding levels, or choose your own


The Launcht system is perfect for individuals and organizations that want to use crowdfunding to create a social, branded experience. Our Pro Package gives you the tools to build meaningful engagement with the audience you know best. Crowdfunding is just the start.

Please tell us your name and how to reach you. We'll be in touch soon to get started.

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For full specifications, please see our system features page.

“We’ve worked with many contractors on different systems over the years. I can say unequivocally that the Launcht team is by far the easiest to work with–always professional, always available, and clear about what they can and cannot do.”

-Cesar Gonzales, Unreasonable Institute

Want to create a multi-stage campaign or a unique user experience? Click here to learn more about our Enterprise Package.


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