Mission: Democratize Access to Capital.

To translate funder engagement into action through crowdsourcing technology.

Why Launcht…

The Problem
Trying to create a space where an organization can foster connections with the community requires a specialized platform that takes significant time and money to develop.

The Solution
Launcht offers a customizable crowdfunding platform that organizations and institutions can use to power their own branded crowdfunding and/or crowdvoting platforms and make this resource available to their stakeholders.

The Benefit
By leveraging crowdfunding, institutions and organizations increase their reach and exposure driving more interest to projects in their community and exposing more people to their brand and mission.

Launcht Inc. is proud to be the first Benefit Corporation incorporated in Vermont, in April of 2011. Our offices are in Boston, Massachusetts, USA. Please click here to learn more about our features and packages.

The Report
Review a public copy of our 2012-2013 Annual Benefit Report here.