Middlebury College Case Study

Middlebury College Partnered with Launcht and TerraCycle, a global leader in recycling of complex waste streams, to engage students around conceptualizing a new recycling program on its campus of 2,450 students.

Student groups were challenged by TerraCycle to identify a waste stream on campus to begin recycling in a high value way. Students identified various items that currently go to waste and developed campaigns on a custom Launcht Crowdvoting Platform to promote the recycling of these items and receive votes for their initiatives.

Once the Platform went live, students used word of mouth, social media and good old fashion peer pressure to gain support for their ideas. What followed was a huge amount of campus-wide interest and engagement.

By the Numbers: 

  • Number of student teams  = 5Middlebury College Crowdvoting Case Study
  • Students per Team = 3
  • Days of the competition = 3
  • Number of unique visits to the voting platform = 1,373
  • Total number of votes = 896
  • Equivalent % of Middlebury’s student body that engaged with the online initiative = 56%

The winning team received 264 votes having proposed an innovative outreach and collection program for Solo cups, condom wrappers, and snack packaging. Middlebury College and TerraCycle are currently implementing the winning program on campus. While Middlebury’s crowdvoting platform is no longer live it can be viewed in our archive by clicking here.

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