Launcht Team

Freeman White, CEO and Co-Founder, believes that social entrepreneurs are our best hope for solving the biggest problems in the world. He envisions a world where venture funding is market-driven and democratic. He co-founded Launcht in 2010 as the first software as a service (SaaS) company to offer crowdfunding software. Launcht built its reputation in the donation and rewards crowdfunding space and successfully advocated for the legislation that legalized equity crowdfunding in April, 2012. He was selected as a StartingBloc Fellow in 2005 for his work in education reform and social enterprise. He is a Founding Board Member of the Crowdfunding Intermediary Regulatory Advocates (

Spencer Taylor, Chief of Business Development and Co-Founder,  passions focus on the stewardship of the natural world and the improvement of society through technology and efficiency. He believes there is no greater work than driving support to organizations that focus on fostering a healthy relationship between society and the natural world. He loves all activities outdoor. His professional passion is born out of connecting good companies and initiatives with good people to drive change. After college he worked with a multitude of companies to help them package their message and value proposition effectively to attract customers and drive business. His passion for Launcht feeds both his personal and professional desires to give social entrepreneurs new ways to access capital and turn brilliant ideas into successful companies.

Terence O’Brien, Principal Developer, makes everything about our white label offerings work.

Bethany Taylor, Storyteller, tells the Launcht story. She is a HeadshotBTwriter, part-time librarian and seasonal gardener and is very excited to write for Launcht as it works towards democratizing the ways that good projects make their impact on the world.


We would also like to thank:

  • David White
  • Joanna Opot
  • Serena Taylor
  • Matt Boynes
  • Shamik Chaudhuri
  • Yen Le
  • Kyle Shannon
  • Michael Campbell
  • Anna Zauner
  • Any  place with free Wi-Fi, especially the ACE Hotel, Columbia University, Soy Cafe, Maglianero, August First, The Buckingham Deli, Diesel Cafe
  • The Cambridge Innovation Center

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