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Before you begin to add Page Content, please read the following SEO Best Practices guidelines. By keeping these principles in mind as you write your content you will be able to get more traction in Search Engines, driving more people to your site and campaigns.:

  1. The first thing you need to do is choose your Targeted Keywords. To decided on what your keywords will be;
    1. think of the phrases that people might search for when looking for your site but don’t know who you are.
    2. Check to see if anyone is searching for the terms you have in mind  Using Googles Adwords Keyword tool, to find the tool follow this link If no one is searching for the terms you have chosen and adjust accordingly.
  2. Text content is very important for modern SEO. In order to optimize your chances of ranking higher for the targeted keyword(s), we recommend using the targeted keyword(s) at least 4 times.
  3. We’ve seen evidence that excessive use of keywords can negatively impact rankings and thus suggest moderation.
  4. Using the targeted keyword(s) more than twice in the title tag may be perceived as keyword stuffing (a form of search engine spam) by the engines, and thus we recommend against it.
  5. Keyword(s) at the front of the title tag benefit greatly in the rankings. There is a direct relationship between proximity to the front of the title element and prominence/rankings as seen by the engines, and the further back in the page title the keyword appears, the worse the correlation with high rankings.
  6. To prevent engines from potentially seeing a signal that this page is not the intended ranking target and creating additional competition for your page, we suggest staying away from linking internally to another page with the target keyword(s) as the exact anchor text.

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