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Application questions will help you and funders understand the campaign’s mission and purpose.  These questions and answers will be published under the “Home” tab of the campaign page.

Please note: To protect against data loss for questions that have already been answered, the question type (checkbox, textbox, or menu) for custom questions cannot be changed once the platform launches. Question text can be edited once platform is live, but questions cannot be added. We can make one-off exceptions in cases where questions have no answers yet, but this is rare.

Standard Questions: These questions prompt the campaign leader to provide basic information that the platform needs for the campaign. You can edit standard questions to suit your individual platform; however, these questions are for very specific purposes, so please keep the essential meaning of the questions intact. If you want questions that are vastly different, create a custom question.  Standard questions address a campaign’s purpose in both a long and short version and the fundraising goal.

Custom Questions: You can create questions tailored to your Platform’s needs under the “Custom Questions” tab. These questions should help you and funders learn about the team and project in more depth. Those that are marked Visible will appear to funders, so structure the questions to help campaigns share their story.

When creating a question, you have the ability to choose whether the question should be:

  • Active (question appears on private campaign pages in the back end and is visible to Admins and applicants; all questions you want asked of campaigns must be marked active)
  • Visible (question is visible on public campaign page for admin, applicants, and funders to see)
  • Required (answer is required to save campaign)

You also must choose an Answer Type:

  • Menu (applicants choose a single option from a drop down menu),
  • Checkbox (multiple selections are allowed)
  • Textbox (accepts any text input)

Order: Choose the order in which you want your custom questions to be posed to the campaign leader as they fill out their profile.

Question Text: Fill in the actual text of the question you wish to ask.

Note: You can delete custom questions using the “Delete Question” button under each custom question. This should not be done for live questions with answer data in them, but is useful during platform setup or for custom questions you no longer want. Also, once the platform is live questions can be Edited but not Added, so please include 2-3 “Filler Questions” that are not marked Active, Visible, or Required to leave yourself space to add more questions should you need to in the future.

 Transaction Questions: These questions are asked of the funder when they fund a campaign. Transactions questions can be used to survey funders to get an better idea of whey they chose to fund a campaign. You can create transactions questions through the same process that you went through to create your custom questions.

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