Help Center: Main Settings

The first step you must take is deciding your platform structure

These decisions determine your platform structure: (You cannot change any of the options in Platform Settings once your Platform is active).  

Platform name: This will be the title of your Platform and will be used in notification emails from the system.

Title tag: The title tag is important; it acts as the marquee for your website, telling search engines about the site. Your title tag should contain under 60 characters total and should follow the structure: Title Tag 1 | Title Tag 2; e.g., Launcht’s title tag is “White Label Crowdfunding Platforms | Crowdfunding Software”  (See “SEO Best Practices” section below).

Google Analytics Tracking:  If you have a Google Analytics (GA) account, enter your GA tracking ID to have your Launcht pages tracked by Google Analytics. If you do not have an account go to and set one up to take advantage of this feature.

Registration type: You can choose between “Open” or “Closed.”  “Open” registration allows anyone to submit campaign proposals.  “Closed” allows only those whom you have sent a unique link to apply.  Regardless of your choice, all entries are subject to your approval before being published on the Platform.

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