Help Center: Funding Options

Decide on the Payment Structure

Enable Perks: This option is selected by default and allows campaign owners to offer perks or rewards to funders who give at various levels. If you do not wish to allow campaigns to offer perks then de-select this option.

Crowdfunding type:  You can choose among “Keep What You Raise,” “All or Nothing,” or “Campaign Decides (Pro Feature).”  This option controls whether a campaign receives the funds regardless of their goal completion or if it receives funds only if it raises a certain percentage of its goal.  If you select “Keep What You Raise,” pledges will be transacted at in real time regardless of amount earned.  If you select “All or Nothing,” the fundraiser will have to reach a certain tipping point by the end of the campaign in order for the pledges to be processed and the funds released. If you choose “Campaign Decides,” the individual campaigns decide what option works best with their fundraising goals.

Tipping point:  This is applicable to “All or Nothing” crowdfunding. The tipping point dictates what percentage of its goal the campaign must raise in order for funds to be released. If you choose “Campaign Decides,” all campaigns that choose “All or Nothing” will have the same tipping point. Alternatively, you can allow each campaign to select its own tipping point. To enable this features, contact Launcht.

Campaign Decides Tipping Point (Pro Feature): If you select this option then you can define numerous different tipping points that campaigns will be asked to choose between when they sign up.

Check Out Options

Newsletter sign-up: prompt funders to sign up for your platform newsletter on check out.

Payment Message: Allow funders to send a message with their donation. This message will appear under the Funders tab next to the funder’s name.

Recurring Payments (Pro Feature): Recurring payments are available as either optional, required with an optional amount, or required with a required amount. They are typically used for scholarship-type donations. If you enable these, people will commit to making a payment every month for a year rather than making a one-time donation.

Include Offline Donations: Now campaigns can add offline donations to their total funds raised. Disabled by default. If you want campaigns to have this functionality available, contact Launcht.

Campaign Duration: By default, all Campaigns will have a uniform campaign duration that you can set here. We recommend between 30 and 45 days to allow campaigns time to get going but still create a sense of urgency.

Campaign Duration Options (Pro Feature): You can allow campaigns to choose their own duration from a list of options you provide. These should be listed in days as x|y|z (e.g, 14|30|45).

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