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Highlight Your Partners

Section pages allow you to create sub-landing pages highlighting specific partners with their logo and a blurb about them while featuring campaigns they sponsor on your platform.

Creating a Section page: To begin click on the Curated Pages menu item from your main admin screen and then click NEW PAGE. This will bring up a list of options that will help you customize the page to meet your needs. These settings are listed below:

Section Priority: Defines order in the sidebar Menu on the list view page. Sections with higher priority numbers appear first. Unnumbered sections appear in alphabetical order after priority sections.

Section Name: Will define the name as is appears in the sidebar menu.

Section Title: Will define the title of the curated page.

Section URL: Allows you to create a custom URL for the page, most frequently the name of the parter organization being featured.

Section Description: This will be the combination of images and text that will act as the intro for the curated page. Here is where you can feature your partner’s logo and a blurb about them.

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