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Managing Your Live Crowdfunding Site

Unless you are creating campaigns your self  you will spend the majority of your time administering campaigns as they move through their funding life cycle on your platform. By design the Launcht system is structured to handle the administration of campaigns with as little of the admin’s time as possible. There are seven different stages and associated statuses of campaigns in the Launcht system. These stages are as follows:

1. Pending – This stage requires no action from the platform admin. At this point fundraisers are filling out their profile and getting ready to submit it to you for your review.

Note: If campaigns are sitting in the pending tab for a long period of time it can help to reach out to them to see if there are any roadblocks to them submitting their campaign.

2. Submitted – When the fundraiser has submitted their campaign through the system you will get an email prompt telling you to review the campaign. This is the main point of administration where you will review their answers to your questions as well as their supporting media to decide if they should be published on the platform.

To review the campaign click on the “Submitted” tab and click on the name of the campaign in question. Review all of the answers to your questions and preview the campaign to see their pictures and video. At the bottom of the page you will have three options of actions you can take. These actions are:

Approval: If the information in the campaign looks accurate and appropriate then you can approve the campaign and they will be moved over to the approved tab.

Request Edits: If the campaign looks good but need a few tweaks you can suggest them to the fundraiser and have them resubmit the campaign after they have made the changes.

Reject: If the campaign is inappropriate for your platform or you do not wish to have it published they you can reject the campaign and it will require no further action.

3. Approved: Once the campaign has been approved it will sit in the approved tab until the fundraiser publishes it.

4. Published: When the fundraiser publishes their campaign it will move into the published category and remain their until the fundraising duration has completed. In this view you can check on a campaigns status and email the campaign leader to assist them in their fundraising or vote raising process. At any time you can download a .CSV file of each campaign’s transactions by clicking the “Download Transactions” button in the right hand column of the published section.

5. Pending Edit: This is where campaigns sit when they are awaiting edits from the fundraiser before being resubmitted.

6. Rejected: Campaigns that did not make the cut live here.

7. Archived: after a campaign is completed it will move to the Archive tab and stay live on the site so that you can use it as a teaching tool for future campaigns. At any time you can download a complete .CSV file of each campaign’s transactions by clicking the “Download Transactions” button in the right hand column of the archived section.


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