Enterprise Crowdfunding System

Our Enterprise Package is designed for organizations that demand state-of-the-art
crowdfunding functionality combined with a unique user experience.

Admin Campaign Leaders Funders
  • User friendly admin control panel
  • Multiple hosting possibilities:
    • clienturl.com
    • fundraising.clienturl.com
    • clienturl.launcht.com
  • Choose percentage of funds raised to retain
  • Google Analytics tracking
  • Multiple templates and branding options
  • Social media integration
  • Custom survey questions at checkout
  • Live phone support
  • Option for multiple commission rates contingent on campaign success
  • Competition setting option
  • Admin can create campaigns
  • All funds to host
  • Partnership pages
  • Enterprise feature: Custom CSS Editor
  • Enterprise feature: Dual crowdfunding/crowdvoting functionality
  • Enterprise feature: Integration of your header and footer
  • Enterprise feature: 10 hours of included customization
  • Enterprise feature: Optional custom front end
  • Manage campaign from user friendly project dashboard
  • Embeddable campaign widgets
  • Social media sharing dashboard
  • Mini-blog for updates
  • Multiple photo and video fields
  • Perk/rewards-based crowdfunding model
  • Campaign decides duration
  • Campaign decides All or Nothing or Keep What You Raise
  • Campaign decides tipping point
  • Secure transactions through WePay.com
  • In-depth profiles for review
  • Social media sharing and commenting features
  • Multiple filtering and search features
  • Preset funding levels, or choose your own 


Launcht allows your enterprise to create a one-of-a-kind platform that leverages your existing digital presence. Using crowdfunding, crowdvoting, or an integrated solution we can help you build a campaign to build and maintain engagement with your core audience. The result is a rich, social initiative that works to achieve your marketing and conversion goals.

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For full specifications, please see our system features page.

“We careully reviewed all of our possible options and found nothing as robust as the Launcht platform. Not only will we have state-of-the-art technology, but we are getting a best-in-class partner with extensive knowledge and experience in crowdfunding trends and the regulatory environment.”

-Michael Poutre, Mimvi CEO


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