University Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding and crowdvoting is the infrastructure that makes on-campus ideas and initiatives go viral. By leveraging crowdfunding or crowdvoting, universities give students the opportunity to not only launch their own projects but to also engage with alumni to drive interest in on-campus initiatives. Launcht provides a turnkey solution allowing you to make crowdfunding or crowd voting part of your university or college’s next fundraising campaign.

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Featured University Crowdvoting Case Study: Southern Illionis University

As a lead up to their fourth annual Technology and Innovation ExpoSouthern Illinois University Carbondale partnered with Launcht to create a crowdvoting platform for theirScreen Shot 2013-09-09 at 2.07.27 PM
Saluki Idea Competition, which focused on projects related to the theme “Sustaining our Community.” The goal of the competition was to encourage entrepreneurial and environmental innovation among students.

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Additional References and Resources

  • The Vermont Center for Emerging Technology’s Independent Report on the University Crowdfunding Platform
  • A crowdvoting case study to select student recycling initiatives – Middlebury College
  • Southern Illinois University encourages student innovation on a limited budget with a crowdvoting competition – Saluki Idea Competition

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