Crowdfunding Features

The Launcht Crowdfunding System is the perfect turnkey solution for your crowdfunding initiative. Whether you are looking to start a new crowdfunding portal or add crowdfunding functionality to your existing business or organization, the Launcht system has the flexibility to meet your needs. Review our system features below and let us show you what Launcht can do to activate your community.

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Admin Campaign Leaders Funders
  • Choice of three fundraising options (All or Nothing, Keep what you Raise, or Achievement)
  • Project profile question customization
  • One-on-one system training
  • User friendly admin control panel
  • Click and point setup, no coding needed
  • Home page with all projects on display
  • Customizable search filters
  • Social media integration
  • Media library
  • YouTube/ Vimeo Video integration
  • Secure transactions through (fees include 2.9% & $0.30)
  • Transaction survey functionality
  • Personalized email support
  • Automatic campaign email management tools
  • Multiple templates and branding options
  • Google Analytics integration
  • Multiple hosting possibilities:

Upgrade to the professional package for:

  • All standard features, plus:
  • Tipping point functionality
  • Live phone support
  • Curated pages
  • Recurring payments functionality
  • Flexible campaign options including: campaign specific duration, tipping point, crowdfunding type.
  • Advanced homepage slider HTML editor
  • Admin campaign creation
  • Flexible options for fund routing

Upgrade to the enterprise package for:

  • All professional features, plus:
  • Integrating funding and sourcing technology for multi-stage campaigns
  • 10 hours of included customization
  • Integration of your header and footer
    • Manage campaign from user friendly project dashboard
    • Live updating Progress Bar or Fuel Gauge
    • Full social media sharing dashboard
    • Embeddable campaign widgets
    • Track received funds
    • Track funders information
    • Team management
    • Campaign specific mini blog
    • Campaign specific perks functionality
    • Secure transactions through (fees include 2.9% & $0.30)
    • Integrated media fields
    • Customizable automated email confirmations

Upgrade to the professional package for:

  • Campaign chooses duration
  • Campaign chooses tipping point
  • Campaign chooses All or Nothing or Keep What You Raise
    • Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and Pinterest sharing and commenting capabilities
      • AddThis integration to share across over 300 other social media channels
    • Multiple filtering and search features
    • Anonymous contribution options
    • Secure transactions through (fees include 2.9% & $0.30)
    • Campaign email updates
    • Preset perk funding levels, or choose your own
    • Select a predetermined or unique amount to support projects


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