Consulting Services

Launcht turns social media chatter into crowdsourced engagement.

Launcht identifies, cultivates, and catalyzes our clients’ engagement with their key stakeholders. Our team charts a company’s course towards effectively engaging with its crowd by leveraging our expertise in crowdsourcing, crowdfunding, crowdvoting, and crowd dialogue. In the era of social media, it is easy to think that you are being successful if you have a certain number of “followers” or “friends”. Serving these networks with ads and “content” is not success. Success is converting your networks into impassioned and empowered “evangelists” for your company or initiative that will help to drive conversion. Don’t just speak to your crowd, engage with them!

Our social media marketing and cause marketing services often dovetail with the implementation of one of our online crowdfunding or crowdvoting systems, but can also stand alone.

Examples of our consulting services are:

  • Working with a corporation’s CSR department to build a customer driven platform for directing cause-marketing dollars
  • Working with a leading non-profit to enable entrepreneurs to take action towards the non-profit’s core mission – Example: Unreasonable Institute
  • Developing private internal idea engines for identifying entrepreneurs within a company that want to develop new and valuable lines of business
  • Working with a foundation to identify its key constituents and engage with this stakeholder community to make more targeted grants
  • Building the strategy for a company to guide its social network towards a customer idea generation site to help lead product development
  • Structuring social and static content to drive conversion and dovetail with organic placement to build an effective and efficient lead funnel.

The sky’s the limit when you empower your stakeholders to help drive your business. It is our job to make this possible.

See how our crowdfunding software functionality and crowdfunding package offerings can dovetail with our consulting services to give your next initiative the boost it needs.