Help Center: Catogories

Define a structure that’s right for your clients

Please note, once the Platform is activated, the category names, options, and question types cannot be changed.

Categories appear on the left hand or right hand side on the front end of your platform depending on the template you have chosen. Categories makes it easier for funders to navigate your site and browse campaigns.  It also helps you classify projects in the overall site structure. Once you decide on your two categories your campaign leaders will be asked to self select into them in their application process.

To Define your categories you must fill out the following fields for each of your categories:

Name: Define the name of the category.

Question Description: Enter the text of the question that will be asked of campaign leaders as they self select into the categories.

Answer Type: Choose either “menu” which will allow campaign leaders to choose one option or “Checkbox” which will allow them to select into multiple categories.

Category Options: Enter the category options that you want Campaign leaders to choose from to select into the categories in the following format “Red|Green|Kinda Blue|”


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