Ultra Light Startups – Future Energy Case Study

We reviewed over 40 crowdsourcing, crowdfunding, and community platforms before arriving at the decision to use Launcht.  We found Launcht was the best match for our unique feature requirements  their staff had the most expertise running the type of competition we had in mind, and they came with excellent references.

In terms of metrics, we were amazed by the engagement of our community on the Launcht platform. We got at least 10x more votes that we were expecting. Just as important, it was great working with the Launcht team. They were invaluable in understanding our requirements, designing our contest, and helping us get the most out of the platform.”
- Graham Lawlor, Founder, Ultra Light Startups

As a lead-up to this year’s ARPA-E conference, Future Energy partnered withScreen shot 2013-02-15 at 1.17.33 PM Ultralight Startups to give new ideas in the energy space the chance to compete for a spot in the Future Energy Pitch Competition on February 25. Eight groups will pitch at the event, and two of the spots will be held by the groups that received the most votes on their crowdvoting platform that Future Energy and Ultralight created with Launcht. They will all present to a panel of top venture capital investors at the ARPA-E conference.

The project proposals ranged from wireless charging for electric vehicles (1781 votes); to waste water treatments for the oil and gas industry (2033); drilled hydrothermal energy (567); to converting thermal energy to mechanical energy to create electricity (1549); an affordable, lightweight, and mobile wind energy solution (525); to safer, cleaner, and cheaper atomic energy solutions (518).

By the Numbers:

Google Analytics Stats

Future Energy saw excellent traffic to the platform

  • Number of Campaigns: 72
  • Days of the Competition: 25
  • Number of Votes: 12,325
  • Votes for the Winning Campaign: 2033
  • Number of Visits to the Site: 58,665
  • Number of Unique Visits: 40,746
  • Page Views: 193,192

Future Energy is a community built around entrepreneurs, researchers, and investors who work to create radical solutions for the world’s energy problems. Ultralight Startups works with very early stage for-profit startups before they have investors to help them create a strong network through pitch contests and events.

If you are interested in running your own innovation competition, look here for more information and please contact us.