The Unreasonable Institute Case Study

“We’ve worked with many contractors on different systems over the years, including companies that managed our application process, our newsletters, and the two prior versions of our Marketplace.

I can say unequivocally that Freeman and Terence at Launcht were by far the easiest to work with — always professional, always available, and clear about what they can and cannot do.  They reply to requests quickly, pay close attention to the commitments they’ve made, and fix bugs that we find incredibly quickly.” -Cesar Gonzales, Vice President of Fellows and Alumni at The Unreasonable Institute

The Unreasonable Institute, a non-profit based in Boulder, CO, joined with Launcht to allow their summer institute fellows to crowdfund tuition and travel costs. The result? In 30 days, 30 entrepreneurs crowdfunded over $160,000 cumulatively, not only giving them the financial resources they needed to attend the Unreasonable Institute this summer, but also helping prove their business and marketing acumen. Almost all of the projects reached their goals, which ranged between $10,000-$16,000.

The Unreasonable Institute had a specific look and feel they had crafted before beginning with Launcht, but wanted to integrate with the robust Launcht back-end functionality. To do so, they created their own front end for the platform, and Launcht provided the backend functionality and joined the two in order to create a fully-operable crowdfunding platform that matched the Unreasonable branding. This saved the Institute the valuable time and money it would have cost to build from scratch. As they describe it,

We worked especially close with them because we re-skinned their platform to match our branding (see and the process of getting up and running went smoothly.  We launched on schedule despite working on it over the Christmas holidays.

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By the numbers:

  • Number of Teams: 14
  • Number of Team members per team: 1-3
  • Total Number of Team Members: 30
  • Visits to the site: 8,111
  • Page views: 16,690
  • Highest Amount Raised: 16,654
  • Lowest Amount Raised on the site: 10,301
  • Raised over $160,000 in 30 days

The Unreasonable Institute is an accelerator for social ventures. Every summer, the Institute brings 10-30 social entrepreneurs and changemakers from all around the world to their headquarters in Boulder, CO for a 6-week intensive training session. In this time, the ventures meet with 50 world-class mentors, build relationships amongst one another, and gain the skills and connections they need to scale their projects so that they can reach over 1 million people.

The Final Word From the Unreasonable Institute:

Unreasonable Institute