Salt Valley Tally Case Study

The Digital Media Cluster Acceleration Partnership initiative in conjunction with Launcht created the Salt Valley Tally, a crowdvoting platform for Utah’s digital media innovation contest. Utah Valley University, as the initiative’s convener, facilitated the contest.

The goal of the competition was to spur creativity and innovation among the state’s growing digital media industry.  In order to qualify, companies had to be legally incorporated in Utah, have less than $1 million in annual sales, and be developing technology that was not yet commercially available.  30 unique projects were approved for the competition- these included mobile and web applications, film, video games, 3D animation, special effects, and digital audio technologies.

With the Launcht Crowdvoting Platform, Utah Valley University had hope to register 1,000 online voters, both in and out-of-state.  The voting numbers exceeded expectations by tenfold as the Salt Valley Tally platform neared 10,000 unique voters.

By the Numbers:

  • Number of campaigns = 30
  • Days of the competition = 30
  • Number of unique visits to the voting platform = 16,982
  • Number of votes for the winning campaign = 1,341
  • Total number of votes = 9,947

$5,000 cash prizes were awarded to the top five companies whose campaigns gained the most online votes (over 950 each) in the 30 day voting period.  These companies were: ChessTrap, Cape Chronicles, Neb Jones: and the Ruins of Ouroboros, ChatFi, and Live Gaming.

While the Salt Valley Tally platform is no longer active, it can be viewed in our archive by clicking here.  To see how Launcht can drive interest and engagement to your next initiative please click here to learn more about our crowdvoting packages.