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Here at Launcht we believe that our most compelling sales tool is the success of our clients. After 90+ successful launched platforms, we know the ins and outs of the crowdfunding and crowdvoting world. Take a moment to see how our products and services have added to the success of our clients’ initiatives.

Universities and Colleges

Crowdfunding and crowdvoting can be the infrastructure that makes on-campus ideas and initiatives go viral. By leveraging crowdfunding or crowdvoting, universities give students the opportunity to not only launch their own projects but also to engage with alumni to drive interest in on-campus initiatives. Launcht provides a turnkey solution allowing you to make crowdfunding or crowdvoting part of your university or college’s next fundraising campaign.

As a lead up to their fourth annual Technology and Innovation ExpoSouthern Illinois University Carbondale partnered with Launcht to create a crowdvoting platform for theirScreen Shot 2013-09-09 at 2.07.27 PM
Saluki Idea Competition, which focused on projects related to the theme “Sustaining our Community.” The goal of the competition was to encourage entrepreneurial and environmental innovation among students.

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Launcht partners with nonprofits who are seeking to connect with their donor base in new and creative ways. Effective initiative-based social fundraising leverages emotional and moral between your donors and the projects that are being funded. With cause-based crowdfunding, nonprofit organizations can connect donors with the initiatives that mean the most to them.

The Unreasonable Institute, a non-profit based in Boulder, CO, joined with Launcht to allow their summer institute fellows to crowdfund tuition and travel costs. The result? In Screen Shot 2013-01-30 at 2.49.58 PM30 days, 30 entrepreneurs crowdfunded over $160,000 cumulatively, not only giving them the financial resources they needed to attend the Unreasonable Institute this summer, but also helping prove their business and marketing acumen. Almost all of the projects reached their goals, which ranged between $10,000-$16,000.

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Businesses and Brands

In creating a white label crowdfunding or crowdvoting platform, businesses and brands can open up exciting new avenues not only for fundraising, but also test marketing and stakeholder engagement. Our technology can become the lynchpin of a larger campaign or a targeted initiative to develop a new product, all while maintaining your brand standards and web identity.

Gotta Groove Records partnered with Launcht to create a crowdfunding platform for musicians to launch vinyl records and other music-related projects, ultimately exposing GottaGrooveBot Logothe crowd to these initiatives. As an extension of Gotta Groove Records, Gotta GrooveBot is the crowdfunding/pre-order platform intended to tie folks with interesting music projects with consumers who seek those very releases.

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Incubators, Conferences and Competitions

Launcht offers your program a customizable white-labeled crowdfunding platform that your participants or entrepreneurs can use to raise friends and family funding. Incubator programs can use our platforms to help screen applicants or empower their members. Conferences can use our platforms to build engagement in the weeks leading up to the event, or help support participants.

As a lead up to this year’s ARPA-E conference, Future Energy partnered with Ultralight Startups to give new ideas in the enrgy space the chance to compete for a spot in the Screen shot 2013-02-15 at 1.16.27 PMFuture Energy Pitch Compeitution on February 25, 2013. Eight groups pitched at the event, and two of the spots will be held by the groups that received the most votes on the crowdvoting platform that Future Energy and Ultralight created with Launcht.

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Startup Crowdfunding Portals

Launcht works with start-up crowdfunding portals as their technology provider allowing them to quickly and effectively launch their platform. The benefits for start-up portals is huge: they area able to skip development, design, testing and payment API integration and are able to go directly to market with their idea.

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And more…

Do you have an adventurous crowdfunding or crowdsourcing solution in mind? We’re all ears. Contact us to learn more.