Crowdfunding for Your Nonprofit

Nonprofit work isn’t just for bleeding hearts anymore. It has evolved into its own competitive industry—thanks, in large part, to online crowdfunding.  The research firm Massolution found that crowdfunding raised $34 billion in 2015 (a 167% jump from the year before). In 2016, according to their findings, crowdfunding could exceed venture capital firms in total dollars raised. The growth- and-development mindset has taken over, and it’s not going anywhere.


For some, those numbers can be intimidating. No wonder it feels like you need to be a designer, marketing expert, and software developer just to keep your nonprofit above water. You know you need to jump on the crowdfunding bandwagon. But the amount of advice and information out there is overwhelming. You can’t spend half the year’s budget on a developer for one campaign. So how do smaller organizations, with no dedicated marketing or IT staff, navigate the world of information overload and digital everything? Launcht can help simplify the process with our white-label crowdfunding software.


What is “white label” crowdfunding software, exactly? Basically, it’s the framework for your crowdfunding site, like a blank template. We handle the back end, development, and support to provide a platform that your nonprofit can then customize with drag and drop tools.


Plus, as a pioneer in the field, Launcht knows what works (and what doesn’t). Our crowdfunding platform offers all the features your nonprofit needs to run a successful fundraising campaign, including:

•          Media capabilities: visual media like pictures and video create an instant connection with your audience. A compelling video pitch, in particular, is almost guaranteed to bring in more donations.

•          Social media integration: continuously engage with your donors and supporters online during your campaign. Tip: it’s helpful to plan out and schedule your posts, keeping the tone and content consistent, thoughtful, and relevant.

•          Donor retention: one of the ultimate goals of crowdfunding is to enlist repeat donors—the ones who contribute regularly, outside of big fundraising events and campaigns. Because Launcht appreciates the work you do, we provide recurring donation functionality as one of several package upgrades for nonprofit organizations.


We understand that many nonprofits simply don’t have the budget to hire high-priced developers and designers. With the Launcht platform, you don’t need any technical experience or specialized skills to create an awesome crowdfunding page—Launcht takes care of that for you with a ready-made solution that’s user-friendly and built to help your nonprofit succeed while we at Launcht also strive to help you better understand how crowdfunding works, how effective the crowdfunding community is and how to bring a creative projects to life.

Ready to take your nonprofit’s fundraising to the next level with Launcht? Contact us today!



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