Youtube’s Creator Features and the Future of Platform-Free Crowdfunding

Less than a month ago, I reported on a few recent crowdfunding developments which suggest that the industry is headed in the direction of favoring platform-free services over the traditional platform-based models that consumers are so familiar with.

Now add another big tick-mark to the platform-free column.

Late last week, Youtube unveiled a slate of new features for content creators that features a self-hosted crowdfunding option. That option — which will allow creators to solicit “tips” from fans in order to fund future projects — makes Youtube the biggest name to have jumped into the crowdfunding plug-in fray, further signalling that businesses and organizations are increasingly unwilling to let the crowdfunding that their sites trigger slip away to third-party platforms.

The plug-in model originated with built-in WordPress platforms like IgnitionDeck and gives sites added flexibility to conduct crowdfunding campaigns on their own sites without the often-strict oversight of a platform, while also providing financial benefits to larger campaigns — all hallmarks of the platform-free model.

While crowdfunding plug-ins are not completely platform-free, they are shifting the industry in the direction of decentralization, providing another alternative to¬†the big platforms which increasingly¬†fall short of meeting users’ demands. Perhaps more importantly, though, they are proving again and again that the market is ready for crowdfunding models that are truly platform-free.

Youtube appears to have realized that crowdfunding has the potential to add value to its business, creating a marketplace of creators and fans that all revolves around Youtube’s home site and branding. That a company which holds over a 40-percent share of its market sees crowdfunding as crucial to its ongoing marketing strategy should be a signal to marketers all over the web that the future of crowdfunding is platform-free.

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