The Rise of Platform-Free Crowdfunding

When Launcht came onto the crowdfunding scene in 2011, it provided a product that was the first of its kind: a white-label crowdfunding system that organizations could wrap their branding around and build into their existing webpages.

Now, just three years later, platform-free crowdfunding is starting to carve out its own chunk of the broader industry marketplace.

More and more organizations are taking their campaigns off of Kickstarter and centralizing them on their own pages, realizing that the model allows them to display all of their community’s campaigns in one place and gives them control over those campaigns. The organization hosts the campaigns, and the campaigns help beef-up the online presence of the organization — it’s a win-win.

“As larger and larger campaigns start realizing that they’d like to save money and increase their brand exposure, I think we’ll see a lot more people host platform-free campaigns as opposed to going on one of the larger platforms,” said Launcht Founder and CEO Freeman White.

In late May, WordPress crowdfunding plug-in IgnitionDeck acquired Fundify, a smaller competitor in the crowdfunding plug-in market. While the terms of the acquisition were not released, the success of several WordPress plug-ins — which do for WordPress blogs what other platform-free services do for traditional webpages – is just one more reason to think that platform-free crowdfunding trend is here to stay.

And the old third-party platforms appear to be thinking the same thing.

Earlier this year, Indiegogo announced the upcoming launch of a new self-hosted service called Indiegogo Outpost that will introduce them as a player in the self-hosting space. The move is an acknowledgement that traditional platform-based crowdfunding is not the best solution for many businesses and organizations who want a better way to merge crowdfunding campaigns with their existing web content, and Indiegogo is betting that the momentum in the industry will only shift further in the direction of platform-free.

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