Crowdfunding as the Future of Campaign Finance

When most people think of Super PACs, they think of shady groups in which multi-millionaires come together to exert their influence on national politics. That’s what Harvard professor Larry Lessig had in mind when he created in May, which he described to FastCoexist as a “super PAC to end all super PACs.”MayDay is unique in the campaign finance world. Lessig’s goal is to raise enough money through crowdfunding to influence five 2014 midterm elections. That campaign — if successful — would then serve as a pilot for a larger crowdfunding endeavor in 2016, with the final goal of getting enough pro-reform politicians elected to pass measures that would put an end to Super PACs once and for all.

It’s an ambitious goal for Lessig, but if he gets his crowdfunding campaign right, he might just get there. The success of the first campaign suggests that he will — reached its initial $1 million goal in just two weeks. is just the latest example of crowdfunding being introduced into a new arena with immediate results. And no wonder, because crowdfunding’s commitment to democratizing access to capital is relevant in virtually any setting in which funding occurs — business, art, technology and now politics.

So where is crowdfunding going to take hold next? If you’re interested in using crowdfunding to take you organization or cause to the next level, take a look at the white-label crowdfunding solutions from Launcht.

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