A Look Inside the Colby Entrepreneurial Alliance Business Competition

When Jonathan Kalin was a sophomore at Maine’s Colby College, he founded Party With Consent, an innovative sexual-violence activist organization that hosts prevention-themed events with the goal of drawing college students to the cause of violence prevention.PWC

“I identified an unmet need in my community,” said Kalin. “I saw there was an opportunity to be creative and to create a conversation.”

Now as a senior, Kalin brought Party With Consent to Colby’s Entrepreneurial Alliance Business Competition – in which the college teamed up with Launcht to create a platform for student businesses to compete for funding. What he ended up getting out of the competition, however, was more important than simple funding

“I met some great people through the alumni network and some people that I consider mentors,” said Kalin. “The entrepreneurial pitch competition mirrors as closely as you can the educational experience that aspiring entrepreneurs need.”

While Kalin looks to continue growing his organization after he graduates, he will continue to use that education to drive the social change that is his ultimate goal.

“I had to consider whether I wanted to let this energy shrivel away and go into a different profession, or to take a chance and be able to sustain it with something that seems to be needed.”

Find out how Launcht can help your college or university host its own pitch competition.

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