Crowdfunding on Campus: Part 2

Colleges and universities around the country that have incorporated crowdfunding into their traditional fundraising efforts have seen the benefit that the model can bring to their students, alumni and other donors.

Earlier this year, Vassar College used a Launcht crowdfunding package to raise nearly $150,000 in a single-day alumni giving campaign. In Vassar’s case, the goal wasn’t as much a dollar amount as it was a number of donors, and the campaign was just as successful in that regard, drawing in 1229 donors representing every class since 1945.

Others are finding out just how flexible crowdfunding can be.

Colby College and the University of San Diego are using the Launcht platform to hold business-plan competitions. Meanwhile, the University of Vermont worked with Launcht to hold a forum for student-run initiatives to raise funds directly.

Whatever their angle, these platforms have the added benefit of forming a direct connection between student projects and the donors that they hope to attract. Alumni and other donors can be assured that their donations are directly benefiting students and, as a result, feel more involved in the campus community.

Check out how Launcht can help you bring crowdfunding to your campus.


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