Transactions and Evaluations in the Equity Marketplace

Equity crowdfunding has the potential to open up a wide range of opportunities to investors of all sorts. To those who are new to crowdfunding, this openness can be a cause for concern, as it is not intuitively obvious that any offering in such an open marketplace can be verified with absolute certainty.

So how can we ensure that the crowdfunding marketplace is more trustworthy? Two organizations – CrowdCheck and Bancbox – have been doing just that.crowdcheck

By conducting due diligence on issuers, CrowdCheck helps investors verify the legitimacy of an investment before they commit to it. With the services offered by CrowdCheck, investors can be sure from the beginning that nothing in the offering has been misrepresented, creating a more transparent marketplace for investment.

In addition to their money-movement services, Bancbox helps organizations evaluate and verify the financial background of potential investors. According to the standards imposed on 506c offerings, organizations that generally solicit their offering are required to verify that investors are accredited; Bancbox’s new API methods allow them to do so simply and without breaking the bank.

Learn more about the 506c regulations and how the Launcht equity platform can help you navigate them.

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