Florida Funders Brings Launcht Equity Platform to its Members

Florida Funders – an online portal linking Florida based investors to Florida based tech entrepreneurs – recently opened an equity crowdfunding marketplace for member investors to consider and fund startup companies. Florida Funders worked with Launcht to build and launch the 506 offering platform.

As a group of angel investors focused on keeping high growth startups in Florida, FloridaFunders provides a medium for entrepreneurs seeking capital to get their ideas in front of the right potential investors. The platform allows those investors to gauge group interest and pool their resources to help chosen startups succeed.BancBox Logo

Following the emerging industry standard in the investment crowdfunding model, Florida Funders uses electronic ACH processing and funds escrow service Bancbox that is integrated tightly with Launcht to pool funds from investors and distribute those funds to the startup, in the case of a successful raise. With Bancbox and Launcht, they are able to leverage the group resources of their members in order to more efficiently facilitate the connection of entrepreneurs to needed capital.

In addition to providing flexible, high-growth opportunities for accredited investors, Florida Funders aims to create a network of successful startups and funders and thus to promote entrepreneurship in the state.

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