What does it look like to create a crowdfunding platform with Launcht?

What happens after you pick up your phone and hear the words: “Hello, this is Launcht. How can we help you?”Platform Quality Launcht Logo Invis Back 143px wide

Let’s safely assume that you called the right number and that your intention in making the call is, in fact, to set up a crowd funding platform for your business, organization, or institution (it might sound obvious but you would be surprised). As crowdfunding is still a relatively nascent approach to fundraising–particularly for the nonprofit and educational sectors–it seems helpful to lay out a guide to what you can expect while working with Launcht.

The cornerstone of Launcht’s approach is old-fashioned customer support values. This is a place where human relationships remain paramount and are the guiding principles, not just buzzwords or marketing gimmicks. This rather more collaborative process begins with the first step of the sales process.

Starting when you first inquire on the Launcht site, the Launcht staff will work with you to understand both the practical needs and the underlying motivations and values of your organization. With their knowledge and expertise in the field of crowdfunding, your sales representative will help streamline how these technologies can enhance your goals. Particularly important at this early stage in the process is the ability to hone in on your core values so that the platform can be simple to use from the outset. That fundamental simplicity combined with the overall understanding of where your organization is, allows Launcht to help you build an extensible platform that can grow with you as your comfort with crowdfunding and client base increase.

Practically speaking, this collaborative consultation will take place predominantly through phone, email, and screen-sharing. Screen-sharing allows you to view a live demo of how Launcht’s crowdfunding software can be best adapted to your particular needs, and gives you the opportunity to ask unique questions about the process to get a full understanding of how it will work for your specific use-case. After the initial calls and the demo, a contract will be negotiated. One of the benefits of Launcht is their affordability compared to other crowdfunding platforms and their ability to scale up or down to meet your crowdfunding platform needs. The idea, always, is to democratize access to capital: to not allow a lack of funding to stand between a great idea and a great project.

Once your contract has been signed, the fun really gets underway. Launcht prides itself on being able to get a test site up and running within a week of the contract signing. From there, an initial training meeting is organized where you are instructed on the ins and outs of  the backend workings of your site, which you were introduced to in the initial demonstration. At this training, the general ownership and management of the site is turned over to you for creating the look, feel, structure and content of the site. Through point and click tools similar to what you’d use to set up a WordPress blog, you can customize everything from the color palette of your site to the particulars of how projects will post to your site for the duration of a campaign’s life cycle. Launcht will remain available for technical assistance and consultation based on their knowledge of what makes sites successful either via phone or email, depending on your contract, package, and comfort level.

After you’ve built out your site to your satisfaction, Launcht will schedule a follow up screen-share meeting with you to review and revisit any particular questions or concerns that may have come up. This meeting is also a step towards discussing the ways in which the site can grow in ever better service to your goals.

Following this is the big moment of releasing your site into the wilds of crowdfunding.

With the variety of ongoing support packages that Launcht offers, from phone and email support to featuring your organization through our own media networks, there is every reason to believe that this release will be successful. That said, you cannot have an extemporaneous release. Launcht provides technology and support to save you time and money creating a fully functional crowdfunding website and they expect that you utilize the additional bandwidth to market your platform and your pet projects. Though Launcht focuses on technology, there are marketing resources you can benefit from as well.

Launcht seeks to offer their support and technical expertise in service to great projects, all in as expedient and involved manner as possible. Because of the initial meetings where a solid understanding of your organization’s needs and goals has been established, Launcht’s ongoing support is always tailored specifically to your core values. While you retain overall oversight and management of your site and your various campaigns and projects, Launcht will always be in the background, ready to respond to any technical questions, hiccups, or changing needs and priorities within the structure of the site. It is an ongoing and collaborative process, where Launcht’s success is in helping you succeed.

If this sounds like the sort of relationship that would enhance your organization’s ability to carry out its mission, pick up the phone, send off an email, and let the process begin.

About Bethany Taylor

Bethany is a writer, part-time librarian and seasonal gardener and is very excited to write for Launcht as it works towards democratizing the ways that good projects make their impact on the world. Her other writing appears at granitebunny.blogspot.com and www.hothousemagazine.org.
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