The Diverse Applications of White Label Crowdfunding Technology

Here at Launcht we celebrate every time one of our clients takes our platform and employs it in a new and exciting way. In the past few weeks two clients in particular–As Seen On TV and The Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle–have stuck out in my mind. They are great examples on their own, but when taken together really show the diversity of what is possible with the Launcht system. Let’s break it down.

As Seen on TVAs Seen On TV is a huge brand that works with individual inventors, who work out of basements, garages, and spare bedrooms across America, to source ideas for new gadgets and products. They have brought us such classics as the Snuggie and Shamwow. ASTV approached Launcht because they saw crowdfunding as a perfect way to source new ideas from the general public and have the crowd vet what new products ASTV should market. ASTV’s President Ronald Pruett said;

We saw [it as] a way to disrupt the way products have been developed… It allows the companies that are considering a product to test rapidly, it allows consumers to have fun by telling people which ones they like, and it allows the inventors to really get a product in front of a user base for testing.

They launched the crowdfunding section of their site using the Launcht System recently and are looking to crowdfunding as a major sector for growth.


On the other end of the crowdfunding spectrum we have the Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle, who recently launched a new crowdfunding portal called Jkick. Jkick is a portal where members of the federation’s community can post and fund projects that are important to them. The federation created the portal to allow individuals and local community organizations to gain access to the wider community of supporters that otherwise they would have no way to reach. Jkick’s stated mission is

J-Kick is the crowdfunding platform for Washington State’s Jewish community, where you can learn about exciting and innovative new projects and choose to get involved by helping to fund them. The Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle is operating J-Kick as a service to the community.

These two clients both saw opportunity in allowing their respective crowds to gain visibility through a crowdfunding platform and drive interest and invention on a greater scale than previously possible. From this seed of intention the two organizations were able to tailor the look, functionality, and ultimately the application of their portals to meet their very different needs. We here at Launcht are excited to see who comes to us next and hear how they envision our crowdfunding technology unlocking value in their unique crowd.

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