Co-Founders Speak at Crowdfunding East Conference

Today Co-founders Spencer Taylor and Freeman White spoke in two panel sessions at Screen Shot 2013-08-28 at 3.53.55 PMthe Crowdfunding East Conference in Cambridge put on by Crowdfund Productions. The Crowdfunding East Conference focuses on providing an opportunity for non-profits, entrepreneurial and creative community to learn about the options to raise money for their ventures and projects.

Spencer Taylor spoke in an am session titled The Business of Crowdfunding which primarily focused on issues that the industry faces as whole that are seen as impediments to the adoption of Crowdfunding by a larger population. Issues discussed were mitigation of fraud, problems with the fulfillment of perks to project backers as well as general perceptions by the larger population of what people think crowdfunding is vs. what it looks like in practice. The panelists focused on the opportunity that crowdfunding displays over a number of verticals as well as refinements of the funding structure that could drive greater adoption.

Freeman White spoke about equity crowdfunding and how to develop compliant platforms operating under the new JOBS Act Title II general solicitation provisions for Reg D offerings. Freeman focused on the importance of complying with new accredited investor verification provisions that will be automated through the Launcht software. He also addressed how to correctly structure revenue streams generated by the platform, so as to abide by regulations set by the SEC and FINRA. The panel concluded with a round up of different ways of partnering with Broker/Dealers to structure certain revenue streams.

We here at Launcht always enjoy speaking at gatherings where creative and motivated people are pushing the boundaries for what crowdfunding can do in today’s and tomorrow economy.


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