Entrepreneur Magazine Takes a look at As Seen on TV’s forthcoming Crowdfunding Platform

In an earlier post we looked at Launcht client                                                                                    Kevin Harrington’s interview Entreprenure.comon The Street about how the forth coming Launcht-powered ASTV crowdfunding platform is going to give home inventors a whole new way to gain traction for their creations. Now Entrepreneur.com has taken an interest with an article titled One of Shark Tank’s Original Sharks to Launch Crowdfunding Site For Inventors. The article quotes Harrington as saying

“My business model up to now is that I either financed the project myself or raised money around it myself and did business with the inventor, or passed on the project,” he says. “Now we are able to look at even more projects because this is a site that will fund many different product owners and inventors.”

The article goes on to say that ASTV has all of the raw material that a company needs to launch a successful Crowdfunding Platform: an established brand, an existing audience of interested community members, and an ongoing source of campaigns from their existing pool of inventors. The Launcht Team is looking forward to ASTV launching and showing what the Launch Crowdfunding System can do!

Keep your eyes out for the ASTV Crowdfunding platform coming early this fall.

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