{VIDEO} Kevin Harrington of As Seen on TV on Crowdfunding

            Late last week, As Seen on TV chairman Kevin Harrington went on the Picture 2TheStreet.com to discuss the brand’s forthcoming crowdfunding platform. As he explains in the video, the Launcht-powered portal will be a way for inventors to reach a broad audience, gauge market interest, and raise capital. From there, As Seen on TV will leverage their market-leading infomercial and global retail expertise to help create “the next snuggie.”

            However, the biggest news is that inventors won’t have to wait much longer for a chance to use the platform. As Seen on TV will be ready to launch their crowdfunding platform by the fall! Here at Launcht we couldn’t be more excited for what’s to come.

Click here to watch the video at TheStreet.com.

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