Google Analytics for Crowdfunding: Part III – Building a Strategy

In our two previous posts we introduced Google Analytics and recommended various data points (unique visitors, in-page analytics, referral data) to keep track of. Now we will transition from the capabilities of this tool to explaining how Google Analytics can help you improve user interaction with your crowdfunding site. To do so, we will share our knowledge of referral data and in-page analytics that will catalyze this developmental process.


One component of managing user interaction is analyzing how they enter your site. The referrals tab in Google Analytics shows you third party interactions with your site, and Screen Shot 2013-08-14 at 11.39.59 AMdetails their method of entry. As you analyze their methods of entry you may discover unexpected sources bringing users to your site. For example, at Launcht, we noticed that was referring many users to our site. After taking a quick look through their website, we decided that actively participating in a question and answer based website would help promote inbound traffic.

In-Page Analytics:

A second important part of managing user experience with your site is understanding what users value on your page. For this, click rate can provide substantive data for Screen Shot 2013-08-14 at 11.39.51 AMwebsite modifications. Picture your crowdfunding site and how you allocate your time within it.  Say you spend approximately 12 hours a week constructing content for blog posts. Logically, you would like to exhibit your hard work, but you may be unsure if website travelers enjoy your generated content. Take a peek at the in-page analytics. If users make a sincere effort to access this content through increased click rate, why not display it on the front page of your site. As you further develop your site, religiously check your click rate data to see if your modifications are paying off. Ultimately, the more views the better, and checking your click rate positively affects this metric.

With Google Analytics in place, you have the tools to administer a successful website. Incorporating referral data and in-page analytics into your decisions will improve your exposure in and outside of your site. We hope that this three part series has provided you with helpful data from our experiences with this useful tool, good luck on your future endeavors.

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