Interview with Maeve McBride of 350 VT is a leading organization fighting climate change, with a focus on reducing carbon emissions. By using a diverse mix of lobbying, activism and civil disobedience, they are working to stabilize atmospheric carbon levels at 350 parts per billion. This summer, their Vermont chapter looked to Launcht’s white label crowdfunding technology to power a fun, social and progressive project. We caught up with Maeve McBride of 350 Vermont to tell you more.

What is 350 Vermont doing with their Launcht crowdfunding platform?


We’re using Launcht to crowdfund for a bike challenge in the month of August. It’s a way to have our supporters bike, promote bike commuting and raise money. The funds will go towards 350VT’s operating costs. Individual riders post a bike-related project, and work with their networks to gain supporters. Riders on the platform include everyone from students to seniors, plus staff, volunteers, etc.

How does this project and crowdunding fit with 350VT’s mission?

We see the spirit behind crowdfunding as essential to our organization and true to what we do as grassroots organizers. We have a diverse set of funders, but really what keeps us afloat are small supporters. Crowdfunding is not unlike purchasing locally. People are able to vote with their dollars.

Furthermore, crowdfunding fits really well with the mission of our organization by mobilizing and engaging people. On top of contributing, they’re also learning something in the process. One of the things I really like about the platform is that there is ample room for our riders to describe why climate change is important to them.

 What other options did you consider and why did you choose Launcht?

We were considering a number of options and had gone so far as to set up an experimental platform with a competitor. Since we hadn’t made a crowdfunding platform before we were trying to shop around a little bit. The Launcht platform provided a lot of user flexibility, and the ability to customize the site and optimize the email interactions. That was all really attractive to us.

Click here to check out 350VT’s bike challenge.

To learn more about Launcht’s white label technology, click here.

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