Google Analytics for Crowdfunding: Part II – Analyzing Your Data

In the first section of our three-part series, Google Analytics for Crowdfunding: Part 1- Owning Your Data, we touched upon the usefulness of GA, briefly mentioning how this tool can improve your crowdfunding site. Being free of charge while acting as a web analysis tool that provides up-to-date data, Google analytics is a no brainer. With Part I in the rear mirror, this section is devoted to the specific features of Google Analytics, predominantly focusing on unique visits, in-page content (click rate), and referral traffic.

Unique visitors is a metric found under the audience tab that helps sites track the “number of people that come to your website in a selected date range.” While similar, Screen Shot 2013-08-05 at 11.54.25 AMunique visits are distinctive from visits. Visits takes into account the number of times your website is explored. By contrast, unique visits takes into account the number of users exploring it. A unique visitor is important because it allows you to have an accurate sense of reach so that a small pool of frequent visitors do not bias your data.

As you now have a statistic for visitors, the next step is measuring what is most valuable to your customers. The in-page analytics metric is available under the content section and provides owners with a sense of which content receives the most clicks. GA will populate a simulated version of your page with pop up bubbles indicating, in percentage terms, which areas of your site are catching your users’ eyes. Moreover, the in-page analytics metric provides answers to the questions: Are my users seeing the content I want them to see? Are my calls to action motivating or visible enough? What links are users clicking? Acting as a direct link to your users, in-page analytics provides all the necessities to properly judge the pros and cons of your website aesthetics.

Lastly, referrals is a broader tool that allows you to see the sources of your traffic. Referral data incorporates the most popular referral destinations, and visitor interaction with your site. By accessing the referral data on your website you can acquire the successes of your social media distribution. This report lets you see traffic levels from normal sources (Facebook, and Twitter), but also lets you see whether there are unexpected sources, such as relevant blogs. Being able to measure the exposure gained from third party sources decides future initiatives.

Ultimately, Google Analytics is a tool that allows you to gauge the variety of your visitors, mainly answering the questions: How they access your website (referral traffic), and what they do with it (in-page analytics)? With the help of GA, your next website transformation can be calculated to maximize your current and future visitor count, ultimately assuring that they stay on it.

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