Celebrity Crowdfunding Part II: Rob Thomas Regretting his Kickstarter Decision

Recently, a number of film projects have used crowdfunding, most notably the much-maligned Veronica Mars campaign. The director, Rob Thomas chose Kickstarter (KS) to fund his project intriguing many–some for the wrong reasons–but now he’s regretting his decision.

As we discussed in a previous blog post, the Veronica Mars team made a misguided choice by using KS. The result was a bad allocation of time and money.  When the Marsveronica_mars_pc team amassed over $5.5 million from backers, a hefty portion of it went to KS.   Stated in our previous post, “KS charges a 5% fee from the project’s funding total if a project is successfully funded. Additionally, payment processing fees generally work out to 3-5%.” Projects like Veronica Mars have an established brand, and don’t need a boost from KS. So, if you’re a celebrity, why pay a hefty sum just to host your campaign?

A recent Atlantic Wire article answered our question after Rob Thomas spoke to them about his experience with KS. “I hope we make a ton of money on this movie, and we get to do it through the normal channels. If we’re a huge hit, I’m not sure Kickstarter is meant to fund huge hits,” remarked Thomas. Obviously, his aspiration of creating a “James Bond” like franchise is not supported by the likes of KS.

Hate to say I told you so, but clearly celebrity crowdfunding and KS are not a fantastic fit. So what could fill that void? Theoretically, wouldn’t a system that allows for full front-end customization, smaller fees, and admin host functionalities better serve the need of these projects?

Enter Launcht. As a white label crowdfunding provider, the Launcht system allows for a multitude of platform options, tilted towards user-friendly operation. Furthermore, Launcht provides a more cost efficient solution and allows larger players, such as Rob Thomas, to maintain branding by hosting it on their own site.

To further dive into Launcht’s functionalities, check out our features page.

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