Guest Blog: Lisa Eatough of College Beyond Cancer

We’re excited to bring you a post from our friends at College Beyond Cancer. CBC is dedicated to keeping higher education opportunities available to students fighting against cancer. Here, guest blogger and CBC founder Lisa Eatough discusses the power of the crowd to support college bound cancer survivors. 


If you are reading this blog, it is probably safe to assume that you too have been awed byPicture 12 the power of the crowd.  For me, there is no more definitive example of the success of crowdfunding than its support of the fight against cancer.  Consider the outpouring of support for these events to visualize crowdfunding in it’s entirety.  It is not just about the sheer volume of donations, it is about utilizing a very powerful financial tool to tackle a societal challenge.

Cancer is far too big for any one of us to conquer.  However, crowdfunding does provide a means for us to individually impact the fight against cancer.  As the mother of a young survivor, I am passionate about both survivorship and education.  I understand the financial implications of a cancer diagnosis and do not believe that that should ever stand in the way of an education.  Many students face financial hardship because of the astronomical cost of a cancer diagnosis, not to mention the rising cost of higher education.  In an effort to address this growing need, I have found my place in the fight against cancer as the founder of College Beyond Cancer.

College Beyond Cancer is an easy-to-use, online fundraising platform specifically for eligible students who are cancer survivors.  It provides them with a platform to proactively raise funds for their college expenses, as an adjunct to traditional college financing options, such as scholarships and loans.  It is designed to be a unique resource that provides an opportunity to bridge the gap between what students and their families are able to afford, in conjunction with their financial aid packages, and the present cost of college.  Students are able to fundraise for any expense related to their college experience, including both traditional and nontraditional expenses.

Development of a campaign profile has been structured to provide an opportunity for students to tell their story in an inspiring way.  Profiles can be enhanced with the integration of photos and video clips. Once a student’s profile is complete and published on the site, the campaign page is easily networked via the integrated social networking tools.  The accumulation of  many small donations will result in both a successful campaign and an appreciation for the kindness and generosity of family, friends, and strangers.  The website has an integrated third party payor that makes the process of both giving and receiving donations very user friendly.  There is only a nominal fee associated with the website that is deducted from each donation prior to the transfer of funds to the student.

I believe that an education is both an opportunity and an investment in oneself, providing a path for students to embrace their passions and to positively impact their lives and those of others.  I hope that you will find College Beyond Cancer to be a powerful crowdfunding resource in the pursuit of education.  Please check out the website at and feel free to email me at


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