Google Analytics for Crowdfunding: Part 1- Owning Your Data

A crowdfunding platform host needs a number of marketing channels – PR, social and digital. However, data analytics are often underused in this process.  This three part series will highlight the usefulness of Google Analytics, a web analysis tool that provides up-to-date data. We at Launcht make this tool available for all crowdfunding platforms as it monitors the significant activity of the site. In this first section, we’ll review the importance of web data analysis, and follow up with tips and tricks in later posts.

Why? Google Analytics is free, so there’s no reason not to use it. For web companies, Google Analytics should be the nucleus of a marketing strategy. The data provided by this tool allows for current review with eyes toward future improvements. Our partners have used Google Analytics to this effect as it allows users to calculate specific data from multiple avenues in various time frames.

Analytics All Web Site Data Audience Overview 20130122-20130315

How? There are two defined examples where Google Analytics allowed for campaigns to thrive. For Future Energy powered by Ultra Light Startups, Google Analytics provided a foundation to their results. In the 30 day period the page collected 58,665 visits, 40,746 unique visits, and 193,192 pageviews . As Future Energy racked in over 12,000 votes for the eight different groups, each initiative was tallied demonstrating the current successes and future improvements of each separate platform.

Similarly, the Unreasonable Institute partnered with Launcht to allow summer institute fellows to crowdfund tuition and travel costs. As $160,000 was raised, Google Analytics provided fantastic insight to the amount of views and visits to their site. Over 8,000 views were accumulated and displayed over a time line demonstrating the peak of their campaign. Google Analytics allowed for both initiatives to put their progress in context with substantive data.

Stay tuned for more updates on the usefulness of Google Analytics as we dive into the basic tools of analysis, including the importance of unique views, referrals, and click rates. The series will conclude with advice for expansion, as we transform these numbers into company progress.

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