What’s New in Crowdfunding

Here at Launcht, staying abreast of the crowdfunding industry is a daily business. In the past few days we’ve come across a number of news stories worth reading. Highlighting everything from crowdfunding in eduction to progress on the equity crowdfunding front, these articles show that the industry is maturing newsquickly. Enjoy!

Stanford University Startups Course: Build a Bitcoin Crowdfunding Site
Coin Desk

Stanford University recently announced the creation of a course named “Startup Engineering” designed to teach young entrepreneurs about starting a web business. Each student’s goal is to build a crowdfunding site that uses Bitcoin, a digital currency. Professors Balaji Srinivasan and Vijay Pande believe the course will provide students with the opportunity to combine two emerging trends in the digital industry, and ultimately hone a number of their business and web skills.

The Deadline for Implementing the JOBS Act is October 31st
The Committee on Financial Services

Congress has officially set an October 31st, 2013 deadline for the implementation of the JOBS Act, relieving those that have been anxiously awaiting the enactment of the bill. President Barack Obama originally signed the bill on April 5th, 2012, giving hope to many small businesses and entrepreneurs attempting to reap the benefits of equity-based crowdfunding. The Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) slowed the progress of the bill by prolonging the review process. As of now, the SEC has two reference points as they design regulations: Kansas and Georgia have implemented their own versions of the JOBS Act for intrastate commerce.

Scientist Taps into Crowdfunding Movement
St. Albert Gazette

Barry Barclay has devoted a large portion of his life to fighting cancer. After vowing to help find a cure after his wife lost her battle with the disease 35 years ago, Barclay is now using crowdfunding to attend a conference to share and hone his research. A trained microbiologist, he currently studies enzymes involved in DNA repair and synthesis. Now, he’s hoping to raise $5,000 to attend a conference entitled, the Halifax Project: getting to Know Cancer, scheduled for August. After speaking and collaborating with other scientists, Barclay will seek publication for his work, and ultimately help save lives.

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