$250,000 Raised and Climbing

The progress bar on the right hand side of your screen has hit $250,000. This means that Launcht-powered crowdfunding platforms have raised over a quarter million dollars for our clients. This is an important milestone but more importantly a foundation for what is to come.

For the past two years–Launcht has made its name as a white label crowdfunding site Screen Shot 2013-07-01 at 10.12.30 AMthat enables companies, causes and educational institutions of all shapes and sizes to use the crowd to help fund their cause. Whether it is working with organizations like College Beyond Cancer which “empowers college and graduate student survivors of childhood and young adulthood cancers to proactively finance their education” or Black Startup which crowdfunds “projects and ideas positively impacting the African American community,” Launcht has helped put impactful ideas and goals in front of the crowd.

“We at Launcht are very excited to reach this milestone. The diversity of clients that we have worked with and the projects that have been funded to date are all testaments to how crowdfunding can enliven existing networks, connecting money with ideas and driving innovation.” remarked Spencer Taylor, Co-founder and Chief of Business Development at Launcht.

Even while crowdfunding grows exponentially, we at Launcht are always excited about the next frontier. Be it the investment opportunities that are on the horizon with equity crowdfunding’s legalization or the use of crowdvoting to gauge the opinions of employees in an internal review, we believe that openness and democracy are a smart compass by which to guide everything from policy choices to marketing budgets. We can’t wait for what’s to come.

To learn more about our crowdfunding platforms visit our features page here.

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