2013CF Crowdfunding Market: Software and Solutions Report

The highly anticipated 2013CF Crowdfunding Marketplace: Software and Solutions report as been published by Crowdsourcing.org. The report summarizes the crowdfunding market and the businesses that serve and drive it.  The 2013CF Crowdfunding Marketplace: Software and Solutions report underscores the value of white label crowdfunding, a tool that has become a crucial part of the crowdfunding industry. Given the immense value of existing networks, white label platforms like Launcht can help leverage the communities that colleges, non-profits and brands have worked so hard to create.

Gravatar-CSorg-420px-white ”I am really glad that Crowdsourcing.org has canvassed the growing market of service providers in the crowdfunding industry and created this thorough report,” remarked Freeman White, our CEO. “As the first SaaS company to provide crowdfunding software, it’s validating to see smaller companies just getting into the white label crowdfunding software market. It is an exciting time to be powering crowdfunding platforms.” It is clear that the crowdfunding industry has grown both within the United States and internationally solidifying it as a versatile and dynamic vehicle for creating customer engagement. We at Launcht are excited to see what the 2013CF Crowdfunding Marketplace: Software and Solutions will tell us about the growth in this industry ecosystem.

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